The Galloping Gorilla – Solo Piano Piece and Sheet Music Download the piano score and listen to The Galloping Gorilla

Galloping GorillaHere is a jazz-ish solo piano piece that our students have enjoyed over the years.

It’s free to download the pdf with the link here: Galloping Gorilla.

Click “play” below and take a listen:

If you or your students learn the piece, please record a video and post a link in the comments section so we can hear everyone’s version. Also, subscribe to the newsletter so you can download the others in the series when I put them on the site.

  • Sue

    Mike this is such a great piece and what I have always loved about your playing! Do you have more music like this for purchase that I can use in my Studio? I attended a workshop with several others years ago and that week continues to change how I teach today! Thank you for your hard work!

    • Hi Sue. Great to hear from you. I have more music I’ll be uploading to the site and may eventually make it into a book. I’ve written a whole teaching method with a lot of music for beginners to early intermediate. I’ll be releasing details on that in April.

  • Frida Weisman

    Your body of work (that I’ve heard so far) has such a signature; it would be hard to miss. Thank you for doing what you do. I love it.