A New Release

Anna Freedman has released her new single, “Big Plans”. I’m really excited because the record turned out great and it’s my first release as a producer/mixer/arranger (besides my own music). Many of you may recall the series I did on how to make a record in this blog. I wanted to announce the official release with you here, in this post.

Big Plans Cover

Anna is such a diverse talent. She studied with me when she was in high school and after. When she first came to lessons she was a fantastic classical player who wanted to learn to play more modern styles of music. Over the years she has become a really accomplished songwriter, singer, rock/pop pianist as well as a very impressive New Orleans-style pianist… That music is not easy and she really nails it.

Throughout this recording process Anna did a great job of staying true to the essence of the music in all of her decisions. I’m really amazed how well this project came together for Anna. I feel it’s top tier and that’s very rare for a debut release. I hope you enjoy and please share it with anyone you think would be interested.

If you can’t see the player in the email version of this post, click here to listen.