New Music: 600+ Downloadable Practice Tracks for my Teaching Method

After many months (years actually) of working on this project, I’m excited to announce that downloadable practice tracks are available for my teaching method – Levels 1 – 4.

Each piece in the books come with four professionally recorded, mixed and mastered tracks. There is a slow, medium, fast and pro version for each recording. The pro version is a faster version with no melody reference – students carry the melody themselves while a ‘band’ plays accompaniment parts.

The files are in zipped folders that can be downloaded from this site. Once downloaded and extracted, the folders can be imported into iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. They will work on phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Students and teachers will have access to the files without needing an internet connection since they will reside on the devices.

You can purchase the files by clicking the links here:

Book 1 – 4 Bundle (All the tracks for all the books) 

Book 1 – Musical Monsters 

Book 2 – Beat Bots 

Book 3 – Jurassic Rock 

Book 4 – Misfit Maestros 

Here are a couple of music and practice track samples from the books…

Looking Both Ways – Fast Version

Looking Both Ways (and Sweet 16) – Pro Version

Bouncing – Fast Version

Bouncing – Pro Version

If you can’t see the links or play the musical files in your email, click here.