The Fantastic Adventures of an Amphibian Named Jamal

Year Released: 2007
Musical Category: Jazz
Available online: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon

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About Jamal…

This is a live piano-trio performance captured by James Dunn. I mixed it with help from James Dunn and Brian Willoughby. Forrest, John and I had been playing together for a couple of years regularly as Spirit Tuck. John moved to LA but flew back to Seattle for a short visit. We had one really short rehearsal and then played this intimate concert. I tried to write music that would have a vibe but also be really easy to learn since rehearsal time was limited. As usual, John and Forrest nailed it.


Michael Stegner: Piano

Forrest Giberson: Bass

John Wicks: Drums

James Dunn and Brian Willoughby: Recording

Mixed by Michael Stegner

Mastered by Joe Doria

Artwork by Squid

The liner notes below are written by Michael Shrieve…

Liner notes from The Fantastic Adventures of an Amphibian Named Jamal… 
Listening to Michael Stegner’s new CD, “The Fantastic Adventures of an Amphibian Named Jamal” is such a delight that I found myself wanting to hear it again and again. Having known Michael for some years, and having played with him in a number of varied musical situations, I am reminded in listening to this collection of compositions of his singularly unique talent.

Ably assisted in this acoustic trio setting by Bassist Forest Giberson and Drummer John Wicks, Michael’s playing brings to mind the names of classic jazz pianists such as Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Lyle Mays and early Joe Zawinul.

Michael’s compositions are at times playful, deceptively simple, always exceedingly lyrical with an elegance that comes through in everything that he plays.

This is a recording that you will want at the top of your playlist for a long time to come, and I highly recommend doing yourself the favor of turning off your phone, your computer, your TV, and anything else that might be a distraction and taking the time to thoroughly enjoy the music that these three wonderful musicians have made.
You will not be disappointed.

Michael Shrieve