An Untimely Event – Piano Music Piano recording and free download of sheet music

An Untimely EventThis solo piano piece would work well as a project for intermediate students or short encore-type piece for more advanced players. Tempo can really be anywhere from 120 to 170.

Download and print the free PDF version here: An Untimely Event

Click play to listen:

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Throwback Thursday – Sono Come Tu Mi Vuoi by The Jongleurs When in Rome...

Throwback circa 2000. I sing a country version of an Italian classic (in Italian) arranged by Matt Glassmeyer. Trombone solo was provided in essence by Randy Kapralick (not pictured for some reason that is not a good one I’m sure).

Promo Pic at Matts

Listen to our version here:

An Italian record label reached out to The Jongleurs and asked us to do a cover on their Mina tribute album. They said we should do whatever we wanted, as long as we sang in Italian. Matt had the idea that I sang it in my Kentucky accent. I often demonstrated the twang version of French class that I attended through high school as a party trick. So this was my chance to document it on a recording in a brand new language.

Horn Arrangements: Matt Glassmeyer
Saxes: Matt Glassmeyer
Trombone: Randy Kapralick
Bass: Forrest Giberson
Drums: Eric Hastings
Keys, Voice and Mixing: Michael Stegner

Mina is #1 always and forever!

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