Bringing the Metronome to Life Creative Metronome-ing Can Help Us Play Artistically

It’s ironic how something perceived as strict and mechanical can help us learn to move a room with not only pulse, but musicality. Creative uses of the metronome help us play more loosely and musically than if we just keep the beat with it. As musicians and music teachers we should be creative people. How we use the metronome should be a creative art in and of itself.

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Why I Stopped Asking Students to Memorize Music Removing layers can unlock peak performances

I was once rehearsing with a multi-platinum record recording artist. I was given a few cd’s of music days before the rehearsal and jotted down keyboard lines, progressions, etc – whatever I needed to get through a two-hour gig of music I’d never heard before. There were no charts – just my transcriptions/notes. At some point the band leader turned to me and asked, “What are you looking at all that paper for? Music doesn’t exist on a piece of paper.”IMAG1552 » Read more

Helping Students Grow from “Failure” Focus Towards Growth and Students Take Off

When I began teaching, I was caught off guard by how unreasonably frustrated (or even angry) some students would become when they couldn’t do something they were being asked to do. A couple of times a young student banged his forehead on the keyboard after being asked to do something for the first time – because he anticipated that he couldn’t do it. Other students would come back after a week of practice and not have something “perfect” and decide the assignment was too hard and give up.

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An Untimely Event – Piano Music Piano recording and free download of sheet music

An Untimely EventThis solo piano piece would work well as a project for intermediate students or short encore-type piece for more advanced players. Tempo can really be anywhere from 120 to 170.

Download and print the free PDF version here: An Untimely Event

Click play to listen:

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Returning From a Break Better Than Ever 4 Tips That Can Help Us Return to Our Instruments After Breaks

It’s inevitable that all of us are forced to take breaks from our instruments at some point – either for health reasons, financial reasons, life events or other reasons. These breaks often create a lot of doubt and hesitation about ramping things up once again. It’s natural to become overwhelmed by what we have forgotten, how bad and uncooperative our technique has become and how bored we will become in working back to where we once were.
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