Returning From a Break Better Than Ever 4 Tips That Can Help Us Return to Our Instruments After Breaks

It’s inevitable that all of us are forced to take breaks from our instruments at some point – either for health reasons, financial reasons, life events or other reasons. These breaks often create a lot of doubt and hesitation about ramping things up once again. It’s natural to become overwhelmed by what we have forgotten, how bad and uncooperative our technique has become and how bored we will become in working back to where we once were.
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Cool Music – Sam Gellaitry Treat Yourself, This 19 Year-Old Scottish Producer is on to Something

Friends and students of mine know that I’ve become slightly addicted to sifting through Soundcloud for artists and musical gems. I decided to share these here whenever I have a chance.

Sam GellaitryThe first artist that I’ll talk about on the site is Sam Gellaitry. He’s a 19 year-old Scottish producer who has been putting out tracks for three-plus years on Soundcloud. » Read more

Throwback Thursday – Sono Come Tu Mi Vuoi by The Jongleurs When in Rome...

Throwback circa 2000. I sing a country version of an Italian classic (in Italian) arranged by Matt Glassmeyer. Trombone solo was provided in essence by Randy Kapralick (not pictured for some reason that is not a good one I’m sure).

Promo Pic at Matts

Listen to our version here:

An Italian record label reached out to The Jongleurs and asked us to do a cover on their Mina tribute album. They said we should do whatever we wanted, as long as we sang in Italian. Matt had the idea that I sang it in my Kentucky accent. I often demonstrated the twang version of French class that I attended through high school as a party trick. So this was my chance to document it on a recording in a brand new language.

Horn Arrangements: Matt Glassmeyer
Saxes: Matt Glassmeyer
Trombone: Randy Kapralick
Bass: Forrest Giberson
Drums: Eric Hastings
Keys, Voice and Mixing: Michael Stegner

Mina is #1 always and forever!

Want First – Play Next How to Play with More Intent...

I think it’s important that music students and musicians only play what they want to play – all the time. At a time when kids have so many activities to choose from, I’ve found this to be key in maintaining and developing engagement with students. As a musician, it makes practicing and playing way more rewarding. The cool thing is that you can do this with any repertoire.
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Everybody Party Like it’s 1999 I Have a Website Finally

With Forrest on Ferry It’s official, I actually have a home page… This page you are on currently. I’ve finally come around to the idea that MySpace isn’t coming back. I probably should have done this from the start, but I was holding out that “the space” was going to be great again – especially after Justin Timberlake bought it. But I have to move on. Now I’m going to run everything through here – » Read more

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