Friday Night

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Year Released: 2012

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Andy Sells, Colin Higgins, Dave Miner, Forrest Giberson, Hans Teuber, Joe Doria, Justin Davis, Michael Babcock, Nelson Bell, Paul Kimble, Rick Ledoux, Robin Holcomb

Michael Stegner

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I’ll put on my face one more time.
For the chance to find a love that’s right.
Dust off these clothes that everyone knows
And hope I look good enough in a room with no lights.

These games I play,
are the spoils of a freedom
I fought for long ago.

It’s Friday night…

Time carves new lines on my face.
I feel the night outshine the day.
The dreams I let go have left me alone,
with nothing but memories to keep me warm at night.

To hold you again,
would remind me of the comfort
I ran from long ago.

It’s Friday night…

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