Letters I featuring Rachel Eckroth

Year Released: 2019

Music Category:

Rachel Eckroth

Michael Stegner


A Believer

Fifteen years and I’m still waiting
for what I just don’t know.
I recall the vows we made
and sit here all alone.

Intuition, sleepless nights;
Something wasn’t right
But I was young and full of hope –
thought love a compromise.

Now I see you today
and all the lovely things you say.
Part of me will always be
a believer…

The rains of Spring have finally come
and brought with them new life.
This time of year always reminds me
of your lullabies.

Remember when we’d lie there dreaming
and you would sing those songs.
We traveled all around the world
and never left our home.

Now I see you today
And all the dreams that you betrayed
Yet part of me will always be
a believer…


When the night falls
on Alabama
I will say a prayer for you

I won’t blame you for leaving me
alone in my darkness
if I could I’d leave me too

For all my life
I never could do right

The dark moon turns away
as the night sky falls on me
I’m so alone

I was searching for a love
that was right here waiting
I never took the time to see your light

I hope happiness soon finds you
under the bright Southern sky
the way it did with the love of our youth

In all my life
nothing felt so right.