Prayers for Highly Successful People

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Year Released: 2012

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Andy Sells, Colin Higgins, Dave Miner, Forrest Giberson, Joe Doria, Justin Davis, Michael Babcock, Paul Kimble, Rick Ledoux, Robin Holcomb

Michael Stegner

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Dear Lord,

Give me a coat.  Give me a tie.
Give me a home that sits nice and high above the town I love.

Give me three cars.  Give me a shave.
Give me a wife that makes me look good in front of all my friends.

Give me a bank for my daily bread
and I will pick stocks that double every year.
Forgive all my debts until I collect mine.  I’ll give you 6 percent – if I can keep 10.

Give me a couch.  Give me a tube.
Give me a show that takes me away to a place where people look like me.

Give me a steak.  Give me some fries.
Give me a plate that is full every meal so I can sleep at night.

Give me a heart made of gold like my smile.  I’ll earn people’s trust and ask them for the sale.
I will mention your name when it works in my favor.  All in your name.

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