Stephen Goes Sailing

Year Released: 2018

Music Category:
Electronic, Piano, Songwriting


Michael Stegner

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I left you several times in my mind
Then I stuck around for a long, long time
Being a stranger in a strange land
Was always easier than being who I am

If I’m to say goodbye
I can’t leave if you cry
You can take my heart
But we must stop if I’m to start

I can’t help what I can’t say
I can’t leave any other way
Loving you makes me afraid to say

Maybe everything I ever loved
Was never real and just a front
I hid from the bad and lost all the good
Pretending I understood

I can’t hide no more
Missing the ground to hit the floor
Now I sail away
What I leave will be the pain

I blamed you for what I didn’t know
I blamed myself for never letting go
Now I sail away and never say