New Piano & Voice Album Out Today – Last Call

Each year for the holiday growing up I would make tapes playing and singing songs as gifts for family members. To stay in that tradition this year, I decided to take the same approach with this album – a super-intimate recording that was live and raw. This is also the first time I’ve recorded a group of covers along with originals.

Singing and playing these songs reminded me of playing in bars over the years. There was a certain vibe that came over the place once last call came. The stragglers who didn’t want to go home (for not the happiest of reasons) and people trying to squeeze out the last little bit of fun created a unique mix. And it was always interesting playing music as things were winding down. These songs represent that vibe (or at least the way I remember it). I hope you enjoy the record! Share it with anyone you think would like it.


You can download for free through this Bandcamp link. Or follow links to the streaming services below.


Happy holidays and thanks so much for all the love and support this year.



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New Music Release – Letters II

Two new songs are out now through my Bandcamp page

This is the second installment of Letters…

The sun comes o’er the mountains
Night sky turns red
Fog lies in the valley
Blue hills still wet

Birds sing songs of morning
Green trees still gray
House light on the hillside
Farmer’s awake

Frog outlasts the cricket
Old dog still sleeps
Cold grass in the backyard
Crawdads in the creek

Life seemed much bigger
when I stood here before now.

I want you to see through my eyes
Hear as I hear
All that’s lost
when I’m without you.

These songs are letters put to music. They are the culmination of trying to not only lyrically and musically tell a story, but sonically. I hope I came close to hitting the mark.

And I hope you like them and share them with all your people.

If you can’t see the player, you can click here to listen.

Here are the credits…

Michael Stegner – music, lyrics, voice, piano, shuitar (Dead Man Blues), accordions, production, mixing & mastering
Forrest Giberson – bass, pedal steel
Colin Higgins – Guitar (Through My Eyes)
Jeff Fielder – Guitars (Dead Man Blues)
Robin Holcom – Voice (Dead Man Blues)
Ehssan Karimi – Hang (Through My Eyes)
Noah Frank – Violins (Through My Eyes)

New Music – “Dead Man Blues”

As endless and overwhelming as music can get, sometimes it feels really good to just let things fly on a simple blues with good friends. This recording is of a song I wrote called “Dead Man Blues”. Hopefully it will make it onto a record soon. In the meantime, you can check it out here…

Robin Holcomb in the studio

If you’re getting this via email and can’t play the song, click here.

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