Saturday Debut of “qo” – a Duo with David Binney Live at (the) Handbag Factory

This Saturday (12/2/2017) at (the) Handbag Factory in Los Angeles, David Binney and I will be debuting our new electronic-music duo – qo. For those who don’t know David, he is a legend in the create music scene in New York city. You can check out his wikipedia page here –

We will be sharing the night with Mildred and Katshu. These two women are two of the most creative musicians I have met since arriving in Los Angeles. They are classically trained singers of the highest caliber who are equally versed in electronics and composition. They are in high demand in the opera, voice and teaching scenes in LA.

(the) Handbag Factory is located on 1336 S Grand Ave. Show will start at 9 pm. $5 cover for the show.


The Piano Drum Video, Audio and Sheet Music

This piece has been played by elementary students as a project piece or by advanced students as a reading piece. It’s intent is to help with 1/16th note subdivisions and counting. It combines popular drum patterns used in a lot of electronic music and breakbeat tracks.

Here is the mp3 version:

Here is the free sheet music to the score and parts:
The Piano Drum Score
The Piano Drum I
The Piano Drum II
The Piano Drum III
The Piano Drum IV

The Piano Drum