Developing a Unique Voice from the Start How to build your story and sound in music lessons

In the beginning, my whole teaching studio at Creative Music Adventures was built on this phone call from teacher friends around the community:

“I have a student who has some potential but they are driving me crazy. They are supremely talented but won’t do anything I ask. Can I send them to you to see if there is any hope?”

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Using Restrictions to Develop Creativity Three ways to encourage both creative and accurate playing

Creativity can be an elusive quality to develop. There are many kids and people who seem inclined to do their own things and do them their own way. As teachers, we often categorize these students as creative and do one of three things:

  1. We spend time letting them explore their ideas. Often enamored with their ability to create , we try and not to push them too hard in directions that are not inline with what they want to do so we don’t squash their joy and passion for creativity.
  2. We try to snap them into our program, curriculum or methodology. We don’t encourage creativity until they get certain things on our agenda as teachers within their grasp – if ever.
  3. We do some combination of numbers 1 and 2 above. We dedicate time to both exploration and method.

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