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I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky. Willie Nelson, Miles Davis and Prince taught me everything I know.

Over the years I’ve collaborated and/or performed with the following folks: Reggie Watts, Louis Cole (Knower), Genevieve Artadi (Knower), Michael Shrieve (Santana), Lee Oskar (War), Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers), David Hood (Muscle Shoals), M. Doughty (Soul Coughing), John Wicks (Fitz and the Tantrums), Wayne Horvitz, Robin Holcomb, Skerik, KJ Sawka, Randy Brecker, Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple), Jeff Fielder (Duff McKagan & Mark Lanegan), Choklate, Jen Wood, Aiko Shimada and many, many more.

About the record:

This record is a collection of songs that tell a story of many relationships overlapping – some beginning, others ending… All filled with grey areas. I feel like these songs came from a collision between the rural land around me in Kentucky where I grew up and the more urban areas of the US that provided the backdrop for me learning to be a grown up.

Each song is a letter. They don’t always follow the typical verse-chorus format because they are letters set to music. Many songs/letters are responses to other songs/letters on the record… They are all written from various characters’ perspectives in a way that tries to give validity to where everyone is in their process – no matter how out of line they (or we) were. So there is a lot of ego, emotional blind spots and grappling with love/hate. The hope was to give everyone and their feelings the benefit of the doubt and treat them with an understanding – no matter how crazy or blind to themselves they were at the time of writing the “letter”.


Forrest Giberson – Bass

Colin Higgins – Guitar

Andy Sells – Drums

Noah Frank – Strings (Through My Eyes)

Jeff Fielder – Guitars (Dead Man Blues)

Robin Holcomb – Voice (Dead Man Blues)

Anna Freedman, Katie Jacobson & Flora McGill – Backing Vocals

Loren Battley – Backing Vocals (Migration to Divine)

Timothy Young – Guitar (It’s Tomorrow (Everywhere but Here))

Matt Hankle – Drums (It’s Tomorrow (Everywhere but Here))

Ehssan Karimi – Hang Drum (Through My Eyes)

Michael Stegner – Lead Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Accordians, Synths, Drum Programming, Mixing, Mastering and Production

All songs by Michael Stegner and are Copyright between 2012 and 2017.