Michael Stegner Film/TV Music Reel

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Electronic Scores

After – Ambient modified piano overture in the style of Max Richter or Nils Frahm…

Now We Have – Intense piano with electronics piece in the style of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross…

Traces Became Tracks – Upbeat and tense minimalist piece that starts with a driving piano cycle that devolves into an angular electronic pulse…

Complete Songs

Stephen Goes Sailing – Minimalist piano vibes like Max Richter with Randy Newman-esque lyrics…

10,000 Miles – Epic rock soundtrack orchestration with lyrics…

Game Music

Battle Scene 1 – This is a 30-second battle scene that fuses traditional Chinese instruments with futuristic and electronic sounds…

Battle Scene 2 – Variation on Battle Scene 2

Ascent Descent – Epic analogue synth theme and breakdown…

Piano Scores

Progression – Simple Piano Instrumental Theme

Service – Classic melodic theme with sparse interlude

Prelude in E – Emotional theme with build to the end

Producer or Co-Writer Credits

Big Plans by Anna Freedman – Slow building song with inspirational message and orchestral build

Square One – Toy Story-type arrangement and production

Beats and Grooves

Park Views – A merging of acoustic instruments with a modern hip hop beat

Race Car – The client wanted a quirky modern beat that could work with a rapper and dancers…

Tygers – Instrumental Latin pop beat for artist

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Written to Picture

Choir and Orchestral Original Score for “Unknown Distance” Documentary – transition into arrangement of “Hey Joe”

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