Michael Stegner Film/TV Music Reel

Here are categories to navigate through selections from my library. You can visit my music page by clicking here to search more tracks by genre or style. To request more samples or new pieces, email me at michael@michaelstegner.com.

Songs with Michael’s Voice

Through My Eyes – Piano-based, cinematic, slow waltz

Dead Man Blues – Roots blues

We Go Around – Uptempo gospel revival/rock

It’s Tomorrow (Everywhere but Here) – Ambient, emotional ballad

Wait – Uptempo Indie Rock

Lullaby – Slow-moving, emotional ballad that builds into thick, electronic textures then closes with an acapella outro

10,000 Miles – Slow, suspenseful opening w/ several orchestral layers, into piano breakdown finishing with big, rock-guitar outro

Please Don’t Take Me As I Am – Humorous, up-tempo country

I Miss You – Traditional sad, slow, country waltz

I Love You a Little Bit, I Love My TV a Lot – Humorous country waltz

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Electronic Songs

Love Song from a Montana Boy to a Wyoming Girl He Saw Once Forever – Ambient open with lush chords building into more of a dance vibe

Translation – Emo intro into funky electro

Time to Fly – Instrumental electro with crunchy drums

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Solo Piano Music

Prelude in E

Aiko’s Dance

Amber Blue

Last Option

The Galloping Gorilla

An Untimely Event

Circle Song

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Producer or Co-Writer Credits

Big Plans by Anna Freedman – Slow building song with inspirational message and orchestral build

Square One by Anna Freedman – Whimsical song with Randy Newman, Toy Story vibes

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Instrumental Rock

A Bac – Introspective, ambient, slow and simple pentatonic melody with rhodes, drums and bass

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Beats and Grooves

Rise Above – Inspiring hip-hop anthem with horns transition to a Latin piano vibe in sections

Gurl North – Dark Trap

Upages – Hard trap with sparse intro into bigger section

Dirty Bells – Trap that starts with a distorted bell riff then ends with a hard simple beat

Swingy Houses – Electro beat

Danae’s Jam – Upbeat funk jam

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Major Lazer – “Be Together”

Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” – Glitchy, distorted vibes

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Jazz Instrumentals

Tadpole Race

These Legs Are Made for Walking

It’s Not Really that easy Being Green

Short Tune

Mr. Langley’s Waltz

March of the Introspective Anteaters

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Written to Picture

Choir and Orchestral Original Score for “Unknown Distance” Documentary – transition into arrangement of “Hey Joe”

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