Fascination Nation (A Brief Autobiography of a Fallen CEO)

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Year Released: 2012

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Michael Babcock, Paul Kimble, Robin Holcomb

Michael Stegner

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I used to live
in fascination nation
and saw every man as an equal.
But one day my boss,
he pulled me aside and
said some were more equal than others.
He said, “Son if you want
to be something special
leave your potential at the door.”
“What you need to do
is follow my lead –
all great things in life will be yours.”
Years, they went by
and so did my pride.
But I was the king of my world.
Everywhere I’d go
the people did know
that I owned them and all of their children.
Then times, they got tough
I rolled up my sleeves
and had my secretaries lay everyone off.
Now I sit on a hill
in a home that I built.
It’s proof that I was once on top.
I used to own
fascination nation.
But I’m still alright ‘though it’s gone.
Copyright © 2009