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So here we are… You and me via this website. If you’re here there is a good chance that you met me somewhere around the hood, heard my music, used my methods or have read some of my posts online. These are just educated guesses of course – I really shouldn’t assume anything.

But assuming that any of these are remotely true (or false), welcome. I’m glad you stopped by.

If you have some involvement in the arts either as a fan, a teacher, a creative, a performer or a patron (as a parent or just a supporter); there are probably a few thoughts you have wrestled with at some point.

  • Have you felt like you made compromises in your creative process because of your inner critics and regretted it?
  • Have you had anxiety because your own shortcomings and insecurities are influencing the people you are trying to help or the art you are trying to make?
  • Have you felt unfulfilled in your accomplishments as a teacher, performer or creative (or even a parent/patron supporting someone on their journey)?
  • Have you been stuck in a rut and not wanting to create again?

If so, welcome to the club. I suspect it’s a very popular club despite the fact that it can feel really isolated and lonely. I can relate to all of the above feelings and then some.

Feelings – Let’s Talk About Them

There have been several times in my life when I just wanted to quit playing music and creating all together. I’ve been stuck in ruts that were so deep that I thought I would never get any better – no matter how much I practiced. I’ve felt totally suffocated at my own instrument because I was being asked to play something I really hated. I’ve shown up to a gig to realize I was in so over my head that I just couldn’t hang with the other musicians.

As a writer and composer I felt so overwhelmed by the options and choices that I couldn’t start anything. I’ve felt such a need to create something perfect that I couldn’t let any of my ideas breathe and develop.

I’ve been so disenchanted with the professional element of being a working musician. Feeling like all the hours and years of practice has led to gigs that were so mind numbing, boring and uninspiring that I would be better off in a cubicle writing reviews about dating apps.

As a teacher I’ve felt totally held hostage by students who haven’t practiced. Felt demeaned by parents who make me feel like what I do is the most unimportant thing in the world. Or felt totally burnt out even though most of my students were hitting their strides as competent and even fantastic performers.

I’ve observed parents who have unintentionally undercut their child’s voice by projecting their own anxieties around the creative process. Created power struggles with their kids around the arts because they are trying to “help” unnecessarily and make it a team effort when the child is perfectly capable to tackle the challenges on their own. I’ve seen parents undercut their own child’s artistic voice because they don’t see the value in it for their child’s future career or education.

And So We Have This Website

My goal for this site is to help people associated with the pursuit of creating see things in a new light. I want to provide practical and inspirational nuggets that have helped me, my students, friends and parents of students enjoy the creative process more.

I also want to share with fans and fellow artists some of my work and bring people into my current processes when creating.

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