New Single – Dead Man Blues ft. Robin Holcomb & Jeff Fielder

I’ve just released a new single called Dead Man Blues. It features three of my favorite musicians that I’ve come across. Robin Holcomb is someone I took lessons with in Seattle after hearing her several times and being totally blown away by her songs, piano and singing. She sings on this track.

Jeff Fielder is one of the best guitar stylists for songwriters in the rock, blues and indie genres. It’s no wonder that he’s plucked up for several luminary artists’ tours and recordings.

And my longtime musical cohort, Forrest Giberson, plays bass. We started playing together constantly when we were 17-18 years old while at University of Miami.

You can download the track here…

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New Music Wednesday

Today I’ve released two new songs… One is rock and roll (Migration to Divine) and the other is a mostly piano-based song (Find My Way). These songs feature some of Seattle’s finest. They continue the series of letters set to music.

Give a listen, purchase and share with your friends here (If you’re getting this via email and can’t listen, click here)…

Find My Way Lyrics…

I see yesterday laid before me
in a hotel room.
Somewhere my phone rings
but I can’t find another “hello.”
I hear that you will love me.

My shoes get so worn
trying to carry this heavy smile.
My voice gets so weak
trying to scream above my head.

I’m trying to find my way.
Trying to find my way back home.

Afternoon church bells ring
for a wedding that may be mine.
My words have never changed
in the rain a yellow leaf falls.
It may be time. It may be time.

A train leaves tomorrow
for another time and place.
Don’t wait for my answer
I won’t be here anyway.

I’m trying to find my way.
Trying to find my way back home.



Michael Stegner – Vocals, Piano, Producer, Mixer
Flora McGill – Vocals
Katie Jacobson – Vocals
Anna Freedman – Vocals
Colin Higgins – Guitars
Andy Sells – Drums
Forrest Giberson – Bass
Mark Fung – Percussion
Robin Holcomb – Pre-production
Paul Kimble – Recording Engineer
Marcel Fernandez – Recording Engineer

New Music – “Dead Man Blues”

As endless and overwhelming as music can get, sometimes it feels really good to just let things fly on a simple blues with good friends. This recording is of a song I wrote called “Dead Man Blues”. Hopefully it will make it onto a record soon. In the meantime, you can check it out here…

Robin Holcomb in the studio

If you’re getting this via email and can’t play the song, click here.

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