Video Games and Music Lessons Three Things We Can Learn from Gaming

There have been conferences and talks I’ve attended where teachers and parents lament how enamored their kids/students have become with video games and online gaming. There is a common feeling that it takes away from their other activities – whether it be sports, schoolwork, music lessons or other more traditional activities.

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Helping Students Grow from “Failure” Focus Towards Growth and Students Take Off

When I began teaching, I was caught off guard by how unreasonably frustrated (or even angry) some students would become when they couldn’t do something they were being asked to do. A couple of times a young student banged his forehead on the keyboard after being asked to do something for the first time – because he anticipated that he couldn’t do it. Other students would come back after a week of practice and not have something “perfect” and decide the assignment was too hard and give up.

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