Dancing Dots – Sheet Music and Recording Piano ensemble

Here is piece that can be played on 2-4 pianos by four pianists called “Dancing Dots”. It emphasized dotted-quarter + eighth notes and dotted-eight + sixteenth note rhythms among other things.

Listen here:

(Click here if you can’t see the player in the email.)

Here are the links to the parts and score:

A Rock in My Roll – Videos, Sheet Music and Recordings A Four-Piano Ensemble

This was written a few years back and several student ensembles have played it over the years at Creative Music Adventures. Since many of you who follow these posts/emails are piano teachers, I thought I would share it for you and your students. We’re all looking for fun summer projects and this may fit the bill. Or if you play, it’s always fun to read through ensembles with friends.

Here are PDF’s of the music:

Here is a video version I recorded so you can hear/see the parts (think of this as Jacob Collier Lite):

Here is the audio version:

Here are a couple of different classes of kids playing it (if you have students learn this please post a link to a video in the comments section of the post so we can enjoy their performances!):


Circle Song – Video, Sheet Music and Recording

Here is a piece that was originally written for an electronic project of mine. Then it was recorded and appeared on the jazz trio recording “The Fantastic Adventures of an Amphibian Named Jamal”. Now it has a solo piano version with sheet music if you want to give it a spin.

Download a free pdf of the score here: Circle Song

Solo Piano Version:

Jazz Trio Version:

Circle Song